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Uno de los principales focos de Demium es seguir ampliando la red de inversores, con los que apoyar conjuntamente a nuevos proyectos emprendedores con gran potencial de crecimiento.

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Incubating new business ideas

At Demium We connect the best business opportunities with the best entrepreneurial talent.

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Conectamos las mejores oportunidades de negocio con el mejor talento emprendedor.

Creamos las Startups desde cero. Para participar no es necesario tener equipo o idea. A través del #AllStartup, identificamos el mejor talento emprendedor y lo conectamos para crear el “Dream Team”.

  • Startups constituidas 66
  • Capital Captado +20 M€
  • Empleo generado +500
  • Citibox Logistics (+1)
    Invest Smart locker and mailbox solution
  • Cuidum Health-Care (+1)
    Invest A maketplace for elder care
  • Singularu Fashion (+1)
    Invest Direct to consumer jewelry
  • Landbot.io Bots (+1)
    Invest Conversational land-pages with bots
  • Voicemod Gaming (+1)
    Invest A real-time voice changer software

Investing in startups and early stage companies has associated risks, among others: illiquidity risk, information risk, risk to loose all or part of your money, environment changing, regulatory and legal risks, minority investment risks, risk to not influence over company management. Due to the high uncertainty of this type of investment, investment should only be contemplated if these risks are understood and always as part of a diversified portfolio.

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Startupxplore works with prestigious investors and applies a strict policy for the management of conflicts of interest, in this way we try to ensure that the published projects have a solid basis but, in no way, Startupxplore may be responsible for the investment decisions that the members of its platform take, as well as for the opinions and comments that the companies publish.